Most builders say 60-70% of their business is repeat business. That means when you don’t keep in contact with your past clients, you’re leaving the door wide open for someone else to swoop in and replace you.

No one wants that. To make sure your clients stay your clients, here are some excellent tips for keeping in close contact, making him/her feel special, and putting yourself at the top of their business list:

Get personal

If you have to, keep a little log of everybody’s interests and names, because if you ask about the wife, but instead of using a generic question you say, “How’s Patricia?” the effect is huge. Ask about the golf lessons, the son “Joe” who’s a basketball stud. Specifics are charming. They show you listened, and that’s good business.

Break bread with your client

Have you ever heard of the study that showed more prisoners were granted parole after lunch, because the judges were calmer, happier after eating? If you haven’t, do a little research. It’s true. People like to eat, so the action of eating makes them more receptive to all things. Dinner or lunch is a great time to converse. So why not show your client that you care by filling his stomach with good food and at the same time listening to his needs? The outcome can only be positive.

Consistent contact is key

Being personable goes a long way in this age of texts and voicemails. Since most people use emails to communicate, you can stand out by calling. You don’t need to bug them, but catching up once in a while is key. When you do call, ask your client, “How are you? How’s business?” It’s little chats like this that are memorable to people, and when shopping, customers buy the person more than they buy the product. Don’t forget to make these calls recurring to keep in touch, even if they don’t have any business with you at the moment. There’s merit to the “out of sight, out of mind” saying.

From Thank You cards, to gifts that recognize the anniversary of a grand opening, there are a ton of things you can do to show respect and consideration. These small gestures make you less like a business partner and more like a friend. They carry weight and add depth to the relationship.

So don’t hesitate to go above and beyond to make your client feel special. They’ll remember it, and you’ll be the first person that comes to mind when they need something.